Play the Lucky Jet Game for Real Money at 1win Casino

Lucky Jet has skyrocketed the ratings of the 1win casino. Today, the casino operator features the crash game prominently on the navigation panel and invites every newcomer to start chasing the jackpot with an exclusive welcome bonus.

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lucky jet game

  1. ✅ Lucky Jet 1win provider: What you need to know about the developer 
  2. ⭐ Which bookmakers and casinos have Lucky Jet 
  3. 💵 Minimum bets and the biggest wins at LuckyJet
  4. 📌What is a Luckyjet crash game
  5. 🎯 New Casino Mechanic: Crash
  6. 💡 How to win with a small deposit
  7. 🔷Game Rules: Lucky Jet Mechanics in Simple Terms
  8. ⭕ Lucky Jet Predictor hack: what it is 
  9. 🧨 Signals for Lucky Jet: free predictions via Telegram
  10. 📝 How to Win Without Risks: Effective Strategies and Tactics
  11. 📱 How to download crash game Lucky Jet on your phone?
  12. 🎁 How to Use the 1win Bonus in Lucky Jet?
  13. 💠 Quick registration and verification 
  14. 💰 How to deposit money and change currency? 
  15. ⚡ Rules for withdrawing money to a card from Lucky Jet
  16. 🔔 Free demo version with virtual account
  17. 💎 Aviator: the best analog of Lucky Jet 
  18. 🔥 Reviews from Real Players about Lucky Jet
  19. 📖 FAQ
✅ Presentation Year 2020 
⚡ Development Company Gaming Corps 
🔺 Style Crash 
🔔 Internal Bonuses No 
💠 Volatility High 
🎯 Maximum Multiplier х8000 
⭐ Minimum Multiplier х.1.1 
📱  Mobile Version Support For iPhone and Android 
✨ Free Version Yes 

Lucky Jet 1win provider: What you need to know about the developer 

lucky jet 1win

For the company Gaming Corps, the Lucky Jet project turned out to be an explosive one. It was this development that allowed the provider to enter the top of international providers. Before that, the brand did not shine too often in the headlines of thematic media.

The studio is engaged in the development of various kinds of software for online casinos. These are slots, emulators of table games, and arcades for money. The decision to create Lakijet came to the team of game designers after the success of Aviator from Spribe. The provider decided to prepare its emulator and introduce some new options. 

In Luckyjet, it will also be about the crash mechanics. However, now at the head of the plot is not a nameless cornplane, but a brave astronaut Joe, who is trying to reach distant constellations and galaxies on his rocket.

lucky jet

The first version of Lucky Jet Crash appeared in 2020. The provider has already released several updates a year later and, among other things, adapted its product to mobile devices. It is not by chance that this crash game beat all ratings among smartphone users. Today you can find the Gaming Corps product in almost every licensed virtual casino.

play lucky jet

Which bookmakers and casinos have Lucky Jet 

Gaming Corps is not an anonymous developer. The company has every reason to be considered an honest and reputable provider. In particular, this applies to licenses from international regulators. Today, the Lucky Jet game is presented in almost every gambling club that operates under the Curacao certificate.

A vivid example is the 1win platform. The operator of the online club managed to negotiate exclusive rights with the developer. It is here that all the latest novelties concerning the travels of Captain Joe appear. 

In betting shops and casinos, Lucky Jet crash is presented in two versions. The first one is an unlimited demo mode. The user does not even need to create an account and log in to a personal account to try to play for virtual credits. 

Playing for money becomes the second mode, but there are nuances here. For example, the One Win team has developed a bonus system, especially for Lucky Jet 1win. Thanks to the prize options, newcomers get a head start and can from the minimum deposit to fight for large payouts already on the first day. 

On the platform 1win to play in Lucky Jet for money is profitable for one more reason. The casino of the gambling establishment does not set too strict limits. Thanks to Captain Joe you can win a six-figure sum. With the withdrawal of such a jackpot, the casino client will not have any problems.

lucky jet win

Minimum bets and the biggest wins at LuckyJet

Lucky Jet 1win client will not need a large budget to play and win big. First of all, the maximum winnings are unlimited. The provider indicates that you can win the equivalent of $10,000 at one time. In fact, this is not the case. Lucky Joe easily goes up to odds of x1000 and higher.

Secondly, the user should realize that it is possible to compensate for the lack of bankroll through bonuses. For example, 1win offer four gifts for deposits, free money in the form of win-coins, and weekly cashback, which can be up to 30% of the return. 

You can open bets from 0.1. If the bank is not enough and want to lengthen the gaming session, you can get a 200% bonus on the first deposit. Additional funds the user will earn after the exchange of a hundred win-coins. These virtual credits are given by the operator for subscribing to the social media pages of 1win.

lucky jet

You can check out the latest big payouts that Lucky Jet offers from its interface. In the statistics tab, there’s a dedicated column for top winnings. Here, the user will likely see that a few days ago, one of the players closed a bet at positions above x500.

By the way, Lucky Jet keeps reviews within the interface. There’s an organized chat where active gamblers share their achievements. It’s a good way to ensure that hitting the jackpot on this emulator is within everyone’s reach.

What is a Luckyjet crash game

lucky jet crash

One of the advantages of the crash game becomes primitive mechanics. However, this simulator has nothing in common with classic fruit slots in 1-3 reels. Behind the simple rules hides a huge number of complex strategies, with the help of which you can get to the jackpot in just a few minutes.

In the crash game, the user will have to watch the flights of Captain Joe. More precisely, the user becomes a partner of the brave astronaut. The player himself decides when to open and close the bets, but he cannot launch the game round. 

Lucky Jet rounds the game opens automatically. There is a pause of 5 seconds between each one. The visitor can bet in each attempt or skip the required number of flights. Doing this is quite reasonable, because sometimes the captain falls right after takeoff. 

A winning round is considered a round in which the user has managed to open and close the bet when Lucky Joe is in space. If, however, the bet will not be closed before the crash, in Lucky Jet the money game will be considered lost. 

The size of the winnings in Lucky Jet the official site determines two parameters. First, it is affected by the size of the bet. A maximum of 2,000 coins can be spent in one round. Secondly, the payout payout is influenced by the coefficient. The higher the astronaut is taken, the higher the multiplier. 

If Joe spends more than 10 minutes in flight, for sure the multiplier will easily exceed x100 and higher. However, you can take no chances and close your bets through Lucky Jet official site already at x5. Up to these positions, the rocket takes the brave captain literally in every attempt.

If you want a game, you need to specify your search query correctly. For example, users quite often make the following queries, which are erroneous:

If you spelled it right, you will be able to find a link to the official casino that provides the game directly from the manufacturer. On the site of One Win Casino, users will find the latest version of the game.

lucky jet mechanics

New Casino Mechanic: Crash

The new gambling mechanic, Crash, made its debut just a little before Lucky Jet. In 2019, the company Spribe introduced Aviator. This gambling game marked a new milestone in the development of online gambling.

The main features of this mechanic include:

The random number generator in the Lucky Jet apk mechanic is predictable. Some algorithms can be calculated based on statistics. For example, in Gaming Corps’ development, this block is openly accessible for free.

lucky jet

Experts are unanimous in the opinion that games of this format will soon occupy the first places of ratings. Growing popularity and about Lucky Jet reviews become a clear confirmation of this.

How to win with a small deposit

lucky jet minimal deposit

Lucky Jet reviews also prove that the volume of the bankroll does not matter much, as is the case, for example, in roulette, blackjack, poker or slot machines. The user will be able to win due to a universal strategy.

At the top of the screen, the visitor will see the school of the last odds that have been rolled. The visitor will notice that the 1.1 position appears in almost every round. On average, once every 7 ups Lucky Joe falls right after the game starts. 

Many players who do not have a large budget, start in Lucky Jet betting to bet the maximum amount and close bets immediately after the start. On a short distance, it does not give a big profit, but in a long gaming session even on a multiplier x1.1, you can make good money.

lucky jet rules

Game Rules: Lucky Jet Mechanics in Simple Terms

All that’s required from a player to understand how to play Lucky Jet is to close their bet before the round ends. Predicting the outcome of each round can be done by studying statistics.

In the browser version, statistics are displayed in the side menu, while in the mobile version, they appear in the footer of the emulator page. Here, the user will see, for example, that an x2 multiplier appears on the screen every three rounds. To avoid losses, a visitor can stop auto cash-out at 2.00 and enter the game after every 3-4 unsuccessful attempts by Joe to reach the Moon.

The bet will be calculated immediately based on the coefficient that freezes on the screen when the bet is closed. The current Lucky Jet game for real money with withdrawal transfers the payout to the 1win account balance. After confirming their phone number, the online club’s client can request funds for transfer.

Lucky Jet Predictor hack: what it is 

lucky jet predictor

A group of enthusiasts developed their own application. This is a special program to win in Lucky Jet or virtual predictor, which helps to guess approximately on what positions will stop astronaut Joe in his next flight.

Lucky Jet Predictor download authors offer on Android in the form of a separate client. The user gets access to this software after payment. The transaction is carried out by a one-time payment. Each time you will not have to pay for Lucky Jet predictions. 

The program connects to the client’s account casino 1win and studies the information on the past rounds. The user receives an approximate value. For example, the Lucky Jet hack can indicate that the astronaut will finish his tour at x35. The visitor sets the auto withdrawal value to this figure and wins with a high probability.

lucky jet signals

Signals for Lucky Jet: free predictions via Telegram

The values that the predictor program produces are called signals. You can also get them in an alternative way. This is done through a special bot in Telegram.

Access to this service is open around the clock. More than 90% of signals work and coincide with the coefficients to which the main character of the game. 

Professionals recommend that through the Lucky Jet application bets are made through a progressive scheme. If the bot indicates that the astronaut will stop at x42, it is better to set the autocashout at x20. This will minimize the risks of the player as much as possible. Even a bot can make a mistake, because it is impossible to calculate the behavior of the random number generator with accuracy to the second. 

Using the Lucky Jet Hack bot is safe. The program does not hack the player’s account, does not change the software base of the game and is not identified by the security service of the casino operator and emulator provider.

lucky jet strategy

How to Win Without Risks: Effective Strategies and Tactics

In the mechanics of crash games, there are two functions that allow gamblers to play with a new strategy each time. Double bets and Lucky Jet signals help register bets on different amounts, allowing you to either compete for top payouts in one round or hedge one of the bets. Open statistics help avoid rounds in which Captain Joe crashes immediately after takeoff. Winning in such attempts is impossible.

lucky jet

Gamblers most often use three schemes:

The tactics are easy to test in the free guest mode. Operator 1win allows you to watch the flight of the astronaut without restrictions on time and number of rounds.

How to download crash game Lucky Jet on your phone? 

lucky jet download

Today, such an emulator as Lucky Jet game download is available through the One Win platform. Therefore, in order to comfortably play from the phone, the client of the gambling establishment needs to download a client program.

Today, the administration of 1win offers several applications at once. This is software for iPhone, Android and Windows. Install any version can be installed in a couple of minutes for free.

Lucky Jet download iOS allows you to download through the Safari browser. Through the share function, the user can save a link to the casino section to his desktop.

lucky jet bonus

How to Use the 1win Bonus in Lucky Jet?

Inside the game, you can use several bonus features:

Some bonus options allowed by the 1win administration can be used immediately. Others need to be wagered through sports betting and then activated in the online casino section.

The Lucky Jet real money game automatically applies the promo code. This also applies to win coins from the gambling club’s administration. As soon as the user activates the voucher, the account’s bankroll will increase by the specified amount.

lucky jet register

Quick registration and verification 

Verification of identity by passport in 1wine is carried out in exceptional situations. That is why this platform occupies the first places in the ratings. To qualify for withdrawal of winnings, the gambler needs to register in Lucky Jet and simply attach a phone number and mail to the profile.

In Lucky Jet registration is also carried out through e-mail and phone number. In the window of account creation, the user needs to choose a country, currency, and specify a promo code. The coupon just opens a package of 4 gifts for deposits.

Through such an emulator as Lucky Jet game registration can be carried out with a bunch of promotions. A new 1 win customer should look at the gifts section beforehand. Freebet at Lucky Jet is not an advertisement, but a real advantage.

lucky jet deposit

How to deposit money and change currency? 

There is no need to change the currency of the account. In the cashier section, the user can create at least 20 wallets with different denominations. It can be rubles, tenge, euros, dollars and even cryptocurrency. The account is replenished according to the following scheme:

The funds will appear on the balance in a couple of seconds after the transaction is completed in the financial service. By the way, for Lucky Jet promo code accrues prize credits not to the real wallet, but to the reserve wallet. On the screenshot, you are able to see the available deposit methods for players from Canada. You can change the payment region at any time.

lucky jet

lucky jet withdrawal

Rules for withdrawing money to a card from Lucky Jet

There are no strict conditions for withdrawing money. Before the first entrance to the cashier’s office, a visitor to the online club 1win needs to verify himself through mail and phone. For beginners, there is an important tip. It is better in Lucky Jet to register once, because users with duplicate profiles get into the ban.

The terms of transfer depend on the limits. New customers in the casino can withdraw 100000 in knocks and 1000000 in a month. However, with the growth of activity, the limits expand. Gamblers such a novelty as the game Lucky Jet for money can download to the phone and much faster to gain rating for their profile. From a smartphone, you can start a gaming session with a couple of clicks.

lucky jet demo

Free demo version with virtual account

Demo mode is made in an unusual format. The gambler will not have a virtual deposit and the opportunity to open a bet on the flight of Lucky Joe. Instead, the provider offers One Win guests to join a real gaming session as an observer.

The casino visitor will watch the uninterrupted gameplay in progress. For a newcomer, this offers three privileges:

Entrance to the demo is carried out in one click. The player will get to the active round or pause, which will last no more than 5 seconds.

lucky jet aviator

Aviator: the best analog of Lucky Jet 

The crash game LuckyJet is often compared to Aviator and this is not accidental. At first glance, the mechanics of the emulators are identical. However, the younger Luckyjet has some differences.

The size of potential winnings in Lucky Joe is many times higher. The brave astronaut can easily fly up to x8000, which means that even a 1 win client, playing from minimum bets, gets the opportunity to rip off the big prize.

lucky jet review

Reviews from Real Players about Lucky Jet

Online casino customers choose Lucky Jet for various reasons. It offers the opportunity to play with small deposits, has a simple mechanic, and allows you to choose the right time to enter the game.


I found a cool game on the 1win website called Lucky Jet. You have to guess when the astronaut will fall from his rocket. It’s a very interesting and dynamic mechanic! I played with minimum bets and won 10 times my deposit!


I got interested in crash games after the release of Aviator. I like Lucky Jet much more. Here, I managed to reach a multiplier of x200. Newcomers are advised to study strategies. I occasionally change tactics to stay vigilant.


I won 5000 in Lucky Jet on my second attempt. The next few times were losses, but I just needed to get used to it. I try to choose the right moment to enter the game to get a good multiplier, but I still don’t risk going beyond x10.


The game is top-notch and very interesting, even though the mechanic may seem primitive. I’ve cashed out different winnings. It all depends on risk. Once I went all in on both bets and closed at x47. I withdrew to my card in just a couple of minutes.


The game has a round history with a secret. If you look closely at this statistics, you can see that some multipliers repeat down to a couple of seconds. I manage to guess every other time.


I’ve won Lucky Jet several times. You can’t rush into this game or place bets in every round. Players need to be patient. At first, I lost around 65k, but then I climbed up to a hundred in a few tries.


I tried Lucky Jet for the first time, and I got lucky! I won 40,000 with just two bets. I didn’t expect such a seemingly simple game to be so captivating!


How can I find the latest version of Lucky Jet?
It is enough to open the official site of the game through 1win casino. The newest version of the game is always provided here.
How can I start playing Lucky Jet?
Newcomers can try the game in demo mode. The real money mode becomes available after topping up your account on 1win.
How can I withdraw money from Lucky Jet?
The 1win cashier is responsible for withdrawing winnings. The casino operator processes withdrawals for everyone who links their phone number and email to their profile.
How do I enter a promo code for the Lucky Jet game?
You can activate coupons during registration on 1win or after logging into your account through the account menu.
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