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If a user wants to test the Lucky Jet slot machine, he can try to find special promo codes. You give the account several prizes in the form of real money, which you can use at your discretion. Also bet on the crash slots.

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  1. ✅ Terms and conditions of the game
  2. ⭐ How to play Lucky Jet
  3. 📌 Everything is in the hands of the player
  4. ⭕ Tips for gamblers
  5. ⚡The equivalent of a plane

lucky jet rules

Terms and conditions of the game

If you decide to accept a promo code from Lucky Jet, you need to familiarize yourself with the game criteria that you must meet during the game. First of all, you need to know that the smallest number is x1, and the largest is x200. However, players emphasize that it is not uncommon for the slot to achieve high multipliers.

However, if you look closely at the payouts and the behavior of the slot machine, you can see that the machine actually has certain patterns. They need to be figured out in order to increase your chances of winning by high multipliers. This is quite acceptable if the decision is made to change the type of withdrawal after a certain period of time. To do this, you can simply record the numbers of the last rounds. Based on the statistics obtained, it is already possible to draw some conclusions. For example, that x100 falls on the field once every two hours.

🎰 Title Lucky Jet 
🔄 Provider Gaming Corps 
📅 Release Year 2020 
🎲 Game Type Crash 
🎁 Game Bonuses Available in the casino 
🎟️ Activation Method Through a promo code 
💰 Maximum Win 300,000x and more 

play lucky jet

How to play Lucky Jet

If a customer chooses Lucky Jet, he should have enough time to place a bet. Unlike other crash games, there is not much time left for users who want to participate in the multiplication battle.

Each player must cash in before the money is simply burned when Joe flies off the screen. Just for this purpose, and use different tactics, because just to predict when, exactly at this time, Joe «propitiate», unrealistic.

The game Lucky Jet is often involved in various raffles. All that is required from the customer — to find where exactly held action. Thus, he will receive his own promo code, which can be used to receive simple profits from your own work.

lucky jet win

Everything is in the hands of the player

One of the reasons for the popularity of crash games is that everything is in the hands of the customer. He himself regulates the danger of losing opportunities, the possible profits and almost everything else.

One of the existing methods of regulation is tactics. They can be used at any distance at their discretion. But there is a long way to go before you can show yourself at your best.

There are some strategies that can be used to stay in the plus even after long gaming sessions. The first and most important is the low score. In this case, the client does not pursue exorbitant multipliers. It is a fairly safe victory with a odds of about 1.25. Yes, this value seems rather small, but it will be able to show itself at its best in the distance. After all, the winning ratio is almost seventy-five percent. The only thing left to do is to dodge negative bets a couple of times to stand on the plus side.

Least based is a strategy with the implementation of the possibility of making two bets overnight. In such a position to press the button on the bet not once, but twice. If you pay attention to the fields, enter a series of two.

In the case of combined tactics it is ideal to choose the average performance and add to it extremely risky games for a small percentage of your own bank. In this case, the losses from the second bet will be compensated by the winnings from the first bet. However, the opportunity to cut real money in almost a successful spin will show.

To automate the process, click on the «Auto» button, which is located next to each field in which you enter the set or multiplier. Then you can not just stop participating in the process and withdraw completely by yourself. However, it is not recommended to do this. After all, if you win a big X, you can stop altogether, take a deep breath and wait for a new potentially profitable window for betting.

lucky jet tips

Tips for gamblers

But even the implementation of strategies does not always lead to the desired result. And all because the client does not know what to look for if he wants not only to play, but also to earn money on his hobby.

Three important tips from the experts:

Taking into account these three aspects of his own game, the client can increase his own level of income. Among other things, he avoids expensive mistakes that can lead to the failure of the entire action plan, and the player can get into a deep mess and make even more mistakes.

lucky jet aviator

The equivalent of a plane

Unfairly, Lucky Jet is overshadowed by its larger counterpart Aviator. The two slots are routinely compared because Joe in particular has managed to come close to the performance of the pilot in terms of his own level of fame among the players. They are similar even in terms of the genre in which they are performed. Differs only visual component, in the slot Lucky Jet uses a little more modern graphics and soft colors, easy to recognize.

The outcome of each game, regardless of the particular client, depends on luck. Especially easily this statement can be made about the options, when the user tries to catch a really big figure, forgetting about all sorts of tactics and ways of monetary leadership.

Can you get bonuses for playing Lucky Jet?
Yes, online casinos regularly give out bonuses to players for their activity. Welcome bonuses and other rewards can also be used in Lucky Jet. Often, bonuses for the crash game can be obtained using a promo code.
How to use a promo code?
To activate a promo code, go to the online casino, register or log in to your account. Then, find the "Bonuses" or "Promo Code" tab to enter the coupon. If necessary, top up your account or fulfill other conditions to receive the bonus.
Where to find working promo codes?
Current promo codes are regularly posted on thematic portals dedicated to gaming and online gambling in general. Coupons can also be found on social networks.
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