Lucky Jet Strategy for Earning

Probably, almost everyone has already heard, and more than once, that such a game is Lucky Jet. It is a real hit for all players at the various operators where the slot machine is available to play.

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lucky jet strategy

  1. ✅ Aspects of the game
  2. ⭐Automatic bets
  3. 📌 Is it possible to win in the Lucky Jet?
  4. 🎯Tactics
  5. 🔷 Small indicators
  6. ⭕ Average value
  7. 🧨 Double Betting

If you suddenly can’t get an aviator in your area, Joe is a good replacement for the traditional airplane.

lucky jet game

Aspects of the game

Before you figure out which strategy is best for Lucky Jet, you should find out how exactly you can play the crash jack. By itself, it is not very different from the one, as a replacement for which it was created.

When you enter the slot machine for the first time, you will notice that there are only a few buttons that you can press. And in the middle of the screen you can see this Joe with the jetpack on his back. You just need to have time to make a bet to participate in the game.

The round begins with the fact that the opening bets. You can participate in the game if you have previously made a deposit of any amount. The round then starts for a few seconds. Joe rises and starts at x1. The multiplier on the display increases evenly, but not proportionally, but jerkily. The longest flight time is 30 seconds.

The main task of the player is to withdraw from the game as late as possible in order to get more earnings. The rate at which the payout was made is the bet multiplier. For example, if your bet is 130 INR and you cash out with the multiplier x5.1, then the payout will be 670 INR. Even if the joes reach the x100 mark, the profit will be equal to the value at which the player braked himself.

🎰 Title Lucky Jet 
🔄 Provider Gaming Corps 
📅 Release Year 2020 
🎲 Game Type Crash 
🔒 Fairness Guarantee Provably Fair 
💵 Minimum Bet 0.1 USD 
📉 Minimum Multiplier 0.01x 
💸 Popular Strategies Low multipliers, Medium multipliers, Double bets 

lucky jet automatic bets

Automatic bets

If you take a closer look at the interface of the game, you will discover a distinctive feature. It is available in the slot Aviator, and enjoys a high reputation. The bottom line is that it is quite troublesome to make new bets for long periods of time. That’s why a system for automatic games was developed. To do this, you need to specify the bid amount and the multiplier with which the automatic withdrawal will be carried out.

lucky jet win

Is it possible to win in the Lucky Jet?

Every slot machine in the casino is always in the black. This is also no exception in the Lucky Jet games, where it depends on the pure luck of each player. Some built-in options determine how often a profit can be made and when it will be paid out.

However, each client has the opportunity to increase his chances of winning. For this purpose, a special tactic should be used. These can increase the efficiency of your actions easily and without additional effort. There are several strategies, each of which is productive and suitable for a certain group of players.

lucky jet strategy


Every client should be aware that the game will turn into a pleasure. Proceeding from this thesis, you need to choose a strategy for the game. Even if it would be nicer on paper, if you do not want to implement it at some point, you will start making mistakes, so the process will seem rather addictive and joyful.

Small indicators

It is worth considering the most basic strategy for the beginning. It can be called a basic bet, because its winning percentage is very high thanks to the low odds. In this case, it is advisable to use about five percent of your own bank for the bet. And as a goal to choose a multiplier of about 1.25. It is precisely this value that the machine overcomes very often, so the winnings will be small, but very frequent.

This strategy is suitable for patient players who are ready to play remotely, and who understand that every second plus on the account is only a temporary phenomenon. And the advantage is that you do not need a large balance to work.

Average value

It is more of a balancing strategy, which in principle can already satisfy every customer. For the implementation it is enough to bet at x2. Then, for each bet, the client will receive a payment in the amount of the amount of money sent to the bets. Enough to put about 2 or 3 percent of their own bank, so that in case of a series of losses they will not be without funds.

The obvious advantage of this tactic is that its results are already visible from the very beginning. Getting 1320 INR on top for 1320 INR is a good result that people who bet on real and computer sports have been achieving for a long time.

lucky jet

Double Betting

This option is suitable for those who want to earn easy money. You should add a second bet to your usual tactics. However, only if Joe has not exceeded the x100 limit within an hour. According to the observations of almost all experts, we can conclude that a very large multiplier falls on the display approximately every 1-2 hours.

The size of the 2nd bet should be chosen small. For example, 0.5 percent of the entire bank. Then the client will have a fairly high probability of winning a jackpot, with all this not to lose a huge amount of money in the unfortunate confluence of events.

Lucky Jet is a game that is more and more often called by gamblers as a really promising project, in which you want to participate every time. Pleasant payouts and a good design do the rest to promote the game without additional effort.

How to win in the crash game?
To win, it's crucial to cash out your bet before the round concludes. Calculation of winnings for participants ceases when the main character flies beyond the game field.
Are there foolproof strategies?
No. No strategy can guarantee a win because the game is unpredictable. The foundation of this gambling entertainment lies in a random number generator. However, certain schemes can increase a player's chances.
How to choose a playing strategy?
Consider your risk tolerance and available budget. You can initially test different strategies in demo mode and then transition to playing with real money.
What are the popular strategies for Lucky Jet today?
Today, three basic strategies are popular in Lucky Jet: with small coefficients, medium multipliers, and double bets. Each strategy is adapted to a different level of risk.
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